5 Quick Ways to Increase Work Place Sustainability

Whether you are an office of two people or an entire corporation of thousands, waste is always an issue. From leaving computers on overnight, to purchasing bottles of water for employees waste accumulates over time and this can mean a big time negative impact on a company’s bottom line.
work place sustainability

At The Summits of Chicago, we pride ourselves on operating as eco-consciously as possible and we’d like to share a few small adjustments that we’ve made in our conference spaces that have really been a boon to our business- We have actually been certified as a part of IACC's Code of Sustainability!



Reduce Waste

When able, try and reuse copy paper for more than one use. We use a separate drawer in our copiers filled with reused pages of internal documents. Just be sure if the documents intended use is an external purpose to use your clean, unused paper.



This one may be a no-brainer, but something as simple as putting out recycling containers in all of your rooms and offices for really increases their use. Instead of one, large, centralized recycling area- try putting out smaller containers, one for every 10 people in your office.


Reduce Plastic

We recently made a big change to how we serve our clients beverages! Back in the early 2000s, we used to provide bottled water to our guests. Then we wizened up and moved on to disposable, refillable cups- and just recently we evolved even further and now offer clear, reusable cups and mugs for everyone attending meetings in our space! Featuring our built-in water carbonater, our clients not only appreciate the eco-friendly concept, but tend to stay better hydrated without the guilt of waste.


5 Quick Ways to Increase Work Place Sustainability


Reduce Electricity

We all do it- you enter a room to grab something really quickly, only to exit just as quickly without turning off the light. A few years ago we made a small change by adding light sensors to our rooms and offices and not only has it reduced our carbon footprint- it’s also saved us money!

You might also be surprised at how just turning down the brightness on your computer and turning off all electronics at the end of the day can begin yielding big results in no time!


Reduce Procurement

Whenever possible, we try and purchase as locally as possible. Not only does this help reduce emissions related to the shipping and delivery of goods, but it also promotes business growth in your community! This is why we have proudly partnered with Columbia Street Roastery- not only is their coffee locally roasted, but proceeds from sales go to benefit the Chicago area!

When vetting potential new vendors, do your research- are they environmentally conscious all the way through their process- or are there some elements of their services that require hazardous materials?

And finally, when procuring goods and services, look at the whole cost of the process- how will this save on energy? Will the maintenance costs and energy use outpace alternatives? What are the costs and energy consumption regarding its disposal?